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Founded in 2014. TechTwist aims to become the market leader in delivering technology advancements in its various platforms to customers in the Philippines and eventually other parts of the world. The goal of the company is to provide solutions that will help maximize our client’s efficiency and long-term commercial benefits. We strive to achieve this by offering state-of-the-art technology, innovation, leadership and partnership.

To provide and satisfy our customers with platforms and technology advancements relevant, current, essential and suitable to their needs. To be the partner of choice of the most creative. innovative and reliable local and foreign partners.

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  • América Televisión Eyes Improved Production Values with Ross July 26, 2021
    Ottawa, Canada, July 23rd 2021 – América Televisión is a Peruvian television network, founded in 1958 and based in the country’s capital Lima. It was the second television channel to be founded in Peru, the first commercial station with regular broadcasts, and is Peru’s highest-rated network. With a daily output of news, quiz and chat […]
  • CCTV’s Latest Mission to The Moon Fueled by Ross July 21, 2021
    Ottawa, Canada, July 21st 2021 – China’s national broadcaster CCTV made waves in 2019 with its innovative ‘Mission to The Moon’ series of documentaries, commissioned to coincide with China’s lunar exploration mission that saw the Chang’e 4 spacecraft land on the far side of the Moon. CCTV’s program makers created the world’s first 4K UHD […]
  • Red Bull Media House Rebuilds ServusTV with Ross July 13, 2021
    Ottawa, Canada, July 13th 2021 – Ross Video’s last NAB Show Keynote event saw CEO David Ross announce that Ross had been chosen by Red Bull Media House as their technology partner for the new ServusTV building project in Salzburg, Austria. Two years and one global pandemic after the original announcement, ServusTV is back on […]
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  • Digging deep into the core of VSN July 20, 2021
    Behind the scenes: A look into the roles of our Backend, Frontend and Apps and Tools development teams
    Marcos Cuevas
  • VSN joins the Catalan Audiovisual Cluster July 14, 2021
    VSN becomes a partner of the Catalan Audiovisual Cluster. The company is now part of an initiative that serves as a meeting point for more than 130 enterprises.
    Marcos Cuevas
  • Guest blog: Demystifying and Implementing Successful Automated Workflows July 7, 2021
    How can we implement workflow automation to our media company? What benefits does it bring? Our very own Nick Morgan answers in this week's blog article.
    Ricardo Quintanilla
  • What’s new in VSNBroadrec? June 22, 2021
    The latest update of VSN's system presents new features aimed at greater convenience and time optimization in monitoring processes. We tell you all about them right here!
    Ricardo Quintanilla
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